Rubenstein’s has been actively engaged in the commercial flooring industry for over 55 years. Our company is one of the largest independent commercial floor covering dealers in the country.

We provide the highest quality products and services consistent with competitive pricing and on-time, reliable performance. Our people are committed to executing the details in a manner that assures delivery of superior results to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to show your company the difference that attention to detail can make in your selection of a commercial floor covering supplier. Our product and market knowledge, sound business principles and practices, and a commitment to satisfy your needs and objectives squarely puts our focus on working with our customers to maximize results.

Services & Capabilities

Rubenstein’s delivers superior service and proven solutions to ensure your project is a success.

Project Management

We see the big picture throughout the entire process. Our staff provides knowledgeable, experienced, hands-on attention to ensure we handle all the details for you. Our team is always accessible and always professional. They know their role is to make sure every project is on schedule and within budget for everyone involved in the project.

Flooring Installation

Flooring installation is a complex process best performed by specialized craftsman. Rubenstein’s has experience working with a diverse set of flooring materials and our workforce of installers are fully trained in the latest and most intricate installation techniques. We treat all our projects regardless of size or scope with the highest level of service and quality workmanship.

Product Selection & Consultation

The flooring products specified and their installation can greatly impact building operations. Rubenstein’s offers a wide selection of flooring products and our highly-experienced staff is available to help you select the right materials for your project.

Estimating & Budgeting Services

Rubenstein’s has the resources to produce estimates, layout options & accurate material requirements. This enables us to maximize material usage while minimizing waste which results in a project that is on budget & delivers an increased return on investment.

Job Site Solutions

Rubenstein’s delivers comprehensive flooring solutions, tackling installation challenges now  to prevent future issues. Our expertise ensures high-quality results and customer satisfaction. We excel in solving complex flooring problems that others might avoid. Your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities at Rubenstein’s.

Market Sectors

Rubenstein’s has extensive experience with multiple commercial and residential installations across the northwest. Our clients include property managers, architects, designers, and general contractors.

Public Spaces

Busy spaces where people congregate have to be built to stand up to an inordinate amount of wear and tear.

Libraries, convention centers and stadiums, just to name a few, are spaces that often require high performance, cost effective surfaces that meet mandated environmental requirements. Rubenstein’s is no stranger to understanding these conditions, and we know to bring a finished floor together that will see a variety of traffic conditions where seamless transitions are a necessity.

Healthcare / Assisted Living

A living space that incorporates a health care environment is an inherently complex project..

Rubenstein’s works to complete environments that complement and enhance living spaces while providing compassionate care. Our project managers understand how to balance the factors of functional efficiency, image, future flexibility, and of course budget that an assisted living facility requires to be successful for it operators and residents alike.


Developing communities of knowledge and enrichment is just one of our specialties.

Our clients range from K-12 to community colleges, liberal arts institutions to research universities, business and medical schools. We understand many of these projects will have a tight window for completion, and we strive to help each institution to see its flooring needs are met while allowing it accomplish its academic goals, and maintain a thriving, learning environment..


Multi-family housing isn’t just for living, so there isn’t just one type of flooring.

Multi-family housing tends to have public areas like lobbies, gyms, busy hallways, and of course, the residences. Each one of those spaces is going to require a different type of flooring to not only be acceptable to the residents, but also to afford the flooring an effective life-cycle. Sports flooring, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, carpet, Rubenstein’s has the experience to properly install them all.

Casino / Hospitality

The hospitality environment is designed to be welcoming and exciting to the visitor.

IIntricate patterns and coordinating design combine shapes, scale, and colors to create a cohesive appearance throughout common areas, identify specific activity zones and mitigate the appearance of routine traffic patterns. Knowing the right way to complete this type of installation requires specific skill. Rubenstein’s has the expertise and experience completing projects in casinos, restaurant, hotels, and convention centers..


Your workplace represents your company to your clients and employees alike. Make certain you are sending the right message.

Whether an open office, high tech, traditional office, or company headquarters, Rubenstein’s has set the standard for office flooring installation. Our project managers are fully capable of assisting our clients in the planning and design process. Rubenstein’s delivers completed projects on time, on budget, with service and integrity.

Luxury Residential

Bespoke flooring solutions for the most discerning residences.

Your home should complement your lifestyle and reflect your personal taste. Rubenstein’s will apply a fresh perspective to your residence, whether it is modern or period, large or small. We will guide you through decisions, so you can feel confident about your investment in your completed project. Together we will build beautiful things..


From rails to contrails, Rubenstein’s is the leader in transportation projects throughout the Northwest.

Our dedicated project managers have the experience, industry knowledge, and resourcefulness to deliver on our promises to partners in the environment a transportation project site. Rubenstein’s has completed projects at light rail stations, train stations, airports, and other transportation hubs, so we know how to successfully install flooring and complete our part of a complex project when the facility is still in full operation.

Occupied Renovations

Looking to refresh your space, but don’t want the expected hassle of a remodel? We have the solution for you.

Don’t let modular furniture, retail fixtures or library stacks be an obstacle. In a normal installation, all of these items need to be manually lifted and moved, often taking long periods of time to complete, with disruptions to your customers and employees. With a professional lift system, renovations are virtually invisible to customers and employees and practically painless for facility managers..

Rubenstein’s delivers projects and client satisfaction.

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Concord Condominium
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Luxury Residential | Multi-Family
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Embassy Suites Pioneer Square
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Casino / Hospitality
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Luxury Residential | Multi-Family

For outstanding results on your next flooring project, call on Rubenstein’s experience, strength, and integrity